SI Exchange

The CSU Supplemental Instruction Exchange (SI-X) is a collection of materials used for implementing the many aspects of a quality SI program. These resources have been collected from many of our 23 CSU campuses, as well as from the larger SI community that exists globally related to the efforts of the International Center for Supplemental Instruction at UMKC, the founders of SI.

The resources are organized according to the respective role of those implementing and managing Supplemental Instruction (SI Coordinator, Faculty Partner, SI Leader/Mentor). In addition, you can browse by discipline or institution, or simply locate resources using keyword search. The resources within SI-X are all Creative Commons licensed, allowing others to freely adopt-adapt as long as attribution to the resource author is given. Our hope is that the CSU and extended Supplemental Instruction communities will continue contributing SI materials here, resulting in increasing utility of this collection.